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Lose weight using a safe, healthy, all natural weight management programme. Unlike Pharmessen products, many supstances on the market contain caffeine, ephedrine, phenylalanin and other stimulants..

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Pharmessen is a global nutraceutical and pharmaceutical manufacturing, research and marketing company, leader in the production of natural and organic...

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  What to Expect...

- energized
- mentally alert
- bowel movements
- perspiration
- strong aroma
- less heart burn
- safe for people with diabetes and high blood pressure

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  More than just weight loss...

- diminishis food intake
- maintains proper fat storage
- helps reduce body fat

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  SlimTrax® is a unique blend of essential oils and other natural ingredients that synergistically manage weight control without stimulants.

Proven effective in Europe, SlimTrax is an all natural weigh loss product that contains no stimulants, but provides powerful antioxidants.

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There are no secret ingredients or exotic components cooked up in a chemistry lab. Dr Dusan Ninkov, the driving creative and scientific force behind SlimTrax®, has developed a patented process that combines several natural compounds that effectively work together to provide a weight loss product unlike any other on the market.

Many weight loss products interfere with messages to your brain. SlimTrax® is dramatically different: All of its work is done naturally inside your stomach, where the clove oil acts to anesthetize the nerve endings in your stomach so your brain receives less signals that you're hungry.

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