Slimtrax® is an all natural weight loss formulation, developed to provide a safe, healthy, all natural weight management formula that "lets you eat what you love and love how you look."

Our patented process curbs hunger cravings, while reducing food intake and maximizing energy levels without stimulants. SlimTrax® contains absolutely no yeast, eggs, preservatives, MSG, alcohol, artificial flavoring, salt, starch, maltodextrin, wheat, gluten, corn, diary, pesticides, toxic metals, growth factors, caffeine, ephedrine, ephedrine replacements or any other stimulants.

  Clove Bud Oil

- Powerful Antioxidant
- Anaesthetic Qualities
- Activates Metabolism

  Cinnamon Leaf Oil

- Helps Balance Sugar Levels

  Ginger Oil

- Relaxes Stomach Muscles

  Calcium Citrate

  Free of All Stimulants

- No Ephedra
- No Caffeine
- No Stimulants

  Patented Formula

  All Natural

Unlike many weight loss products, SlimTrax® does not interfere with messages to the brain. All of its activity is concentrated on the stomach. Instead of restricting what you should or should not eat as part of the latest diet craze, SlimTrax® has shown to be effective with most sensible food selections.

The active ingredients of the SlimTrax® product are natural essential oils of organic spices. This unique, patented formulation allows men and women to lose weight without dramatic diet modifications. There are no exotic ingredients concocted in a chemistry lab; everything used in making SlimTrax® tablets is listed on the Federal Drug Administration GRAS (Generally Regarded As Safe) list.

Produced in its state-of-the-art facility in San Diego, CA, the SlimTrax® product is currently finding wide acceptance in Europe and the Middle East. It is making initial inroads in the United States market starting in Southern California.


It is very important to take Slimtrax  exactly as recomended,1 to minimum 1/2 an hour before each main meal with big glass, 2 - 3 dl of water. The coating of the tablet is water activated therfore sufficient amount of water is necessary for the active ingredients to be realesed. If you skip the meal still make sure you take the tablet. This is not an appetite suppresant and has no effects on the central nervous system. Doctors recommend losing 1kg per week as a healthy ratio of losing weight; remember - quickly lost usually means quckly gained again as well.

Please note: One bottle of any of our products serves as one months supply.


SlimTrax® is for people who can benefit from losing weight.

The ingredients in the SlimTrax® patented formulation have been shown to be effective in:

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- Eliminates Free Radicals
- Hunger Feelings Diminished
- Metabolism will Help in Weight Loss

- Relieves Hunger Cravings
- Enhances Metabolism
- Helps Control Sugar Levels in Blood

- Reduces Nausea
- Diminishes Hunger Signals

- Helps with Fat Breakdown

- No Shakes & Jitters
- No Adverse Side-effects
- No Effect on the Center for Hunger in the Brain

- Unique Combination of Ingredients
- Unique Application

- Safe to Use

Medical study on Slimtrax®

Slimtrax® Media exposure in Germany


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